Private Market

DLTMARKET is a trading and exchange platform for companies which are unlisted and unquoted which provides them with a solution that enables existing shareholders and prospective share holders to deal in their shares.


DLTMARKET will support fully decentralized asset trading and decentralized order books, supporting cross-token, asset-to-asset trading. This enables trading against national currencies, turning DLTMARKET into a decentralized analogue of traditional brokerage platforms.


Are you a start-up, early stage or growth business?
Do you need a cash injection to grow your business?
DLTMARKET helps companies with all necessary processes in order to be listed on DLTMARKET.


DLTMARKET is a decentralized platform ​that uses custom blockchain tokens to represent value. Tokens can be issued by any platform user, ​ and can be transferred, swapped, and traded ​on​ an integrated decentralized exchange. Tokens may represent a share in a crowdfunding project, financial instrument, ​or any other ​item​ with inherent value. Traditional centralized crowdfunding and trading platforms rely on a ​third​ party ​to maintain​ the platform, thus ​sacrificing​ transparency and becoming prone to failures due to over-centralization. Blockchain technology allows ​the elimination of any centralized point of failure, storing all the platform data on all system nodes in a distributed fashion. It makes fully decentralized trading, crowdfunding and value transfer possible.

The goal of the DLTMARKET platform is to create an environment in which users of traditional online financial platforms will feel comfortable. WAVES is built using a two-tier architecture, where the end-user client takes the form of a browser plug-in that can be installed with a couple of clicks. Upon installation a user is presented with a full-scale decentralized financial platform, right in the browser, similar to traditional online banking/trading/crowdfunding platforms. We believe that mass market adoption of blockchain technology will only be possible through ease of use, accessibility, a flat learning curve and by addressing the most acute issues that centralization brings.

Companies that trust us

These companies are already working with us and trading their shares in our platform.

Fictitious Corporation Inc.

Unnamed Ltd.